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With its very low noise emissions and ability to cope with almost any terrain, rough, smooth, hard or soft, it’s ideal for a wide variety of scenarios including working with animals, filming, search and rescue and so much more.


The bike comes equipped with front and rear carrying racks, 'charge and hours indicator', emergency stop button, high and low range gear selection and a seat with space for a passenger. With a range of around 38 miles depending on usage and severity of terrain, this bike is perfect for the job.




With top speeds up to 36mph in high range, this bike is supplied road homologated and therefore can be used for commuting and general road use as well. Once its low range gear has been selected, the motor offers superb torque. Rough, steep terrain is taken in this bikes stride and towing small trailers is no problem at all! A top speed of 16mph in low range also gives the bike a comfortable towing speed. Additionally, the regenerative braking means descending steep hills is smooth and controlled but also helps to reduce brake pad wear.

This is our flagship Eco Charger. This 72 volt bike boasts a series of impressive features and awesome performance. A fully switchable 4wd shaft-driven chassis offers a solid platform and with 'full differentials' drive train, gives the bike outstanding off-road ability. This also means that the bike has a tight turning circle and will not scuff surfaces when turning.


The positioning of the batteries in the frame has kept the centre of gravity low, allowing the bike to stay stable on the most uneven of surfaces. The bike has four gear selections, ranging from a road-going gear with a top speeds of up 35mph to a super low towing gear with a top speed of 9mph.





The Terminator 6×6 is the latest edition to the Eco Charger range. Derived and built around the very capable Eliminator 4×4 chassis, the Terminator 6×6 offers a fully shaft-driven six-wheel drive system with an electronically controlled hydraulic tipping body. The Terminator 6×6 is an incredibly capable off-road machine. With the huge torque offered from the military specification motor combined with the low ratio gearing, the Terminator is able to tackle steep and uneven terrain safely and effectively.


The low centre of gravity makes sure that the bike stays stable even when the trailer unit is filled to capacity over uneven terrain. The driven trailer unit of the Terminator can be easily removed, allowing the bike to be used as either a 4×4 or a 6×6 system. With its impressive performance and carrying capacity, this bike is truly a workhorse to make your life not only easier, but cheaper during the toughest of jobs.

If our existing Eco Charger models don’t quite fulfill all your quad bike needs then please do contact us as we are able to add to, amend or adjust the bikes to meet almost every possible task

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