The innovative adjustable offset function allows for easy weed treatment around obstacles or drains giving the user the ability to work in areas that might prove inaccessible with a fixed position machine.


Dual rollers offer the most cost effective solution to grassland weed control. Only weeds are targeted for massive savings on chemical and it’s eco-friendly.

By targeting only the weeds with herbicide, the grass and valuable clover are left untouched and grass growth rate is not affected. Weeds on grassland can be controlled effectively though weed wiping provided the weeds are taller than the grass.



The Blaney TGS range of grassland sprayers are a high specification range of sprayers which are compact and easy to use.

A low centre of gravity design gives more stability while working on slopes. Combined with the close mounted, slim-line design there is improved front axle balance allowing a smaller tractor to be used.




The innovative 3-in-1 Power Shredder™ boasts all the advantages of the standard Tractor Power Shredder yet gives you the added benefit of having one machine with many uses.

Thanks to the 3-in 1’s multi-position feature you can cut anything from directly behind to fully offset with the ability to angle up and down. The 3-in-1 can be used not only for topping and shredding but also for hedges/verges and embankments.





Designed to get the job done up to 3 times faster with lower power requirements and lower operating cost per acre while leaving results that improve profit from grass yields.

For larger farms and contractors that value the benefits this machine can return. At Blaney much has been learned from the advanced performance achieved in the design of our other cutting machines and the company’s heritage of maximising the cutting process to utilise the power available from small engines has resulted in more than just making blades rotate.

The Power Shredders 2™ are a vital tool in topping and maintaining well-kept green pastures, essential to the health and well-being of your stock grazing them. The range is designed for and tested to cope with the densest of weeds including rushes, which no other competing brand can deal with.





Oxygen introduced into soil.

Increased root development for better grass growth.

Improved Nitrogen fixation for legumes e.g. clover.

Increased microbial action for better use of fertiliser- Reduce fertiliser bills.

Soil recovers quicker after mowing.

Surface drainage improved (less rainwater & slurry run off)

Less compaction.

Less poaching by livestock.

blaney-aerator-thumb (1) aeration-fert-graphic_1-300x175

Boost grass and save fertilizer. The Blaney Aerator releases the equivalent of 50kg of nitrates per hectare.

Compaction of grassland is a common problem caused by livestock and heavy machinery which reduces grazing potential.


The Aerator blades cut through the compacted layers of soil to open up fissures for better drainage, more efficient use of nutrients and healthier grass. A Blaney Aerator is a worthwhile investment that will last for years, boost your grass yield and reduce your fertiliser expense, improve slurry matter retention and nutrient uptake by roots.


3.5 ton trailer

3.5 Ton Trailer

The chassis structure has been optimised, to accommodate varying stresses across the sub-frame of the trailer. The reduced loading height of the actual trailer body benefits the loading process by decreasing the angle of inclination of the ramps. As a result less traction and forward speed is required to travel up the ramps, making the loading process easier and safer.


Furthermore, the sides of the trailer body have been designed to create a molecular type structure which increases the rigidity of the body, and reduces flex and body twisting, when carrying unevenly distributed loads.

Tipping Trailer

tipping trailer

The tipping trailer range is available from 15 to 22 ton capacity. Each tipping trailer is a precision tool designed for strength, agility, manoeuvrability and handling. Blaney have used their engineering expertise and experience to take modern haulage to the next level by combining innovative on and off-road features to create an unrivalled range.


This range is separated into 2 models, each with different loading capacities. The L20 model has a load capacity of 2000kg, while the L27 model can handle up to 2700kg. Each model is available as flat platform and is available in the following sizes:


10’ x 5 ½‘ (3.05m x 1.67m)

12’ x 6’ (3.66m x 1.83m)

14’ x 6 ½‘ (4.27m x 1.98m)

Brushes and Sweepers

The powerful brush bristles are designed with elasomer to enhance brush life and permit slight bending at the tip to dig out the dirt and dust giving an outstanding cleaning performance.


The sweepers come with a left/right angle feature as standard.


Sweeper Brushes can be custom built for various machines and applications including:


Telehandler loader & Bucket sweepers

Compact Tractors

Front / Rear Mounted Hydraulic PTO drive

Collector sweeper

Minimum oil requirements starts at 25lpm otherwise PTO drive is an option..




The SwathAir has been developed to address the problem of drying grass for better quality silage in short windows of good weather. Baled silage tedded with the SwathAir should result in 28% dry matter (dm) compared to 20% dm for untreated grass. This will result in significantly less bales and greatly reduce unnecessary wrapping costs per hectare. With livestock needing less of this silage due to its higher quality you will save time in feeding too.


Suits all weather conditions

If you are fortunate enough to have large yields, the SwathAir will help the crop dry evenly to avoid wet and poorly wilted portions close to the ground. If you are lucky enough to be cutting silage in a heat wave, early use of the SwathAir can help to avoid excessive drying when the baler is not immediately available since material with dry matter content higher than 45% becomes increasingly difficult to compress and ferment.


Longer logs can be chopped allowing for faster processing and easier stacking during the drying stage.

Logs can be split when they are still green, giving the opportunity for quicker drying.

Leaving logs 700-1100mm long reduces the number of green timber cuts. These long dried lengths can then be cut to size quickly on a table saw. The wedge is a special 3 stage design to achieve a split on green/recently felled timber.


Long stroke ram for long log chopping. Saves time and the logs are more easily stored

Has a double taper for faster splitting as it doesn’t have to reach the bottom of the log to completely split

Automatic log filter- for hassle free positioning of larger and heavier logs

Safety bust production on hydraulic hoses

Cat 2.3 point linkage


Splitfire Log Splitter